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How We Draw

  1. How We Draw

How we draw?

Once the competition has ended - whether this is because we sold all tickets, or the competition's end date has been reached - we will announce when the draw will take place via our social media and email channels.

Draw the winner

To fairly draw a winner, we use a website called which is a third-party supplier ensuring a fair draw for each competition. Each draw is documented on the site and ready to be seen by the public here.

Contact the participants

Once a winner has been determined, we pick the winner from our system and an email will be sent out sharing the winning number to all competition entries. Our winners can also be seen on our winners page.

Pick up your prize!

We will then get in touch with the winner and either arrange pickup or delivery of the competition prize.

How to access draw results

If you want to find out previous draw results or want to find out how the latest competition ended, please head over to the independent drawing site (over 180,000 public draws to date) which we use to ensure that all our draws are carried out independently and fairly. These draws are timestamped and the list of entrants is submitted beforehand and cannot be altered.

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