Terms & Conditions

Watches of Wales (the “Promoter”) operates skill-based challenges “Competitions” which you (defined as “You” or the “Entrant”) can participate in and if you answer the skill based challenge correctly can (“Enter”) the draw (“Draw”) from which a (“Winner”) is selected.  Your participation in a Competition and Entry into the Draw will be subject to these terms and conditions (“Competition Terms”). 

1.    Your Capacity & Right To Enter 
1.1. By entering a Competition You will be deemed to have legal capacity to do so, You will have read and understood these Competition Terms and You will be bound by them and by any other requirements set out in any related promotional material. The Promoter will not be responsible if You enter a Competition unlawfully. You are responsible for ensuring that your participation is lawful in your country of residence. If You are in any doubt You should immediately leave the website and check with the relevant authorities in your country. Entries from the USA, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Philippines, Italy and Austria will not be accepted. 
1.2. You confirm that the Website, the Competitions, account registration, Your Entry and/or participation in any Draws are for your own personal, non-commercial use. 
1.3. Competitions are open for entry to all persons aged 18 or over, residing in the United Kingdom, excluding staff employed by the Promoter, their family, professional advisers or anyone else connected with the development or operation of the Website or administration of Any Competition. 
1.4. Entry into a Competition requires You to register for an online account with the Promoter. When registering an account online you will be asked to provide an email address and to confirm other personal details. 
1.5. At any time and without providing a reason, the Promoter may: 
1.5.1.   decline to open an online account for You without providing a reason; 
1.5.2.   refuse to allow You to participate in a Competition or to be included in a Draw or may declare your Entry void; and 
1.5.3.   close your account at any time (with no refund being given). 
1.6. The Promoter will close your account if it determines at its sole discretion that You have: 
1.6.1.   engaged in any form of fraud (actual or apparent); 
1.6.2.   been abusive to other Entrants or staff; 
1.6.3.   misrepresented Yourself or Your status or concealed information; 
1.6.4.   planned to hack or have hacked or otherwise interfered with the operation of the Competition or the Website. 
2.    Competition Entry 
2.1.      You must have a current online account with the Promoter to participate in a skill-based challenge or Enter any Competition on the Website. 
2.2.      The Promoter may operate multiple Competitions at the same time and each Competition will have a Prize. Each Competition will require You to exercise skill, knowledge, and judgement, to correctly answer a skill based challenge. 
2.3.      Competitions may be entered via the Website only or by post for account holders. Availability and pricing of the Competitions are at the sole discretion of The Promoter and will be specified at the point of sale on the Website. 
2.4.      In some Competitions the Promoter may allow you to participate and Enter the Draw if successful more than once. Where multiple entries are allowed for a Competition this will be confirmed on the individual Competition page on the Website. 
2.5.      To enter a Competition online via the Website, follow the on-screen instructions to: select the Competition you wish to enter; select the number of times you wish to participate; select the number assigned to each ticket; carefully read and confirm you agree to the Competition terms and conditions; then provide your contact and payment details (for entry fee only). Your card payment will be electronically approved by the payment provider. You will be contacted via email to confirm that your entry to the Competition is complete. 
2.6.      To enter a competition by post You must register for an online account and provide a valid email address and send your entry to Watches of Wales Competition, 35 Morgan Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1AF. Your entry must be received by the Promoter by 5pm the day before the Closing Date and must include: (a) details of the competition you wish to enter (b) the correct answer to the competition question for the competition you are entering and (c) details of your name, address and email contact details. You may only enter each competition by post once and multiple entries will all be rejected (d) incomplete or illegible entries will be disqualified (e) hand delivered entries will not be accepted and will not be entered into the draw (f) send your entry by postcard only first or second class. The promotor will not acknowledge receipt of your entry nor confirm if your answer to the competition is correct.
2.7.      The Promoter will not accept: (a) responsibility for competition entries that are lost, mislaid, damaged or delayed in transit, regardless of cause, including, for example, as a result of any postal failure, equipment failure, technical malfunction, systems, satellite, network, server, computer hardware or software failure of any kind; or (b)proof of posting or transmission as proof of receipt of entry to the competition. 
2.8.      To the extent permitted by applicable law, all entries to the Competition are final and no refunds shall be given by the Promoter at any time or for any reason, except in the case of the cancellation of the Competition by the Promoter or if any Entry is submitted after the Competition closing date which is specified for each Competition and will be the date and time in London on the date specified and adjusted for British Summer Time or Greenwich Mean Time as appropriate (the “Closing Date”). 
2.9.      The Promoter does not accept responsibility for an Entry into a Competition which it does not receive on or before the Closing Date for any reason including large volumes of internet traffic, hardware failure, software failure, server faults, failures in computer systems or any other reason. 
2.10.   All of the details which you provide to open and operate an online account with the Promoter are automatically included in the Promoter’s database for the purpose of conveying information as to the status of their Competition Entry/Entries, as well as any future Promotions or Competitions offered by the Promoter or for any other reason set out in the Privacy Policy and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Please see Clause 5 below for the additional obligations of a Winner. 
2.11.   You agree that the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 will not apply to any goods or services which may be offered as Prizes to Winners of any Competition on the Website. 
2.12.   The Competition rules shall not create or be construed as creating any form of contract, joint venture or other agreement between You and the Promoter. 
3.    Promotion Periods 
3.1. Each Competition will run for a specified promotion period with the Closing Date of the Competition defined by, either, the maximum number of available tickets being sold, or, the chosen Competition closing date. Please see each individual Competition on the Website for these details. 
3.2. The Promoter reserves the right to cancel a Competition at any time either before or after tickets have been sold, and if it does so will refund any Entry Fees paid by You. Refunds will be processed within a reasonable time frame, and once processed the Promoter shall have no further liability to You or any other person. 
4.    Prize Draw 
4.1. Details of the Draw for a Competition will be confirmed once the Competition has been closed and will be announced within 48 hours via the Promoter’s Facebook page and/or the Website. 
4.2. An entry list will be posted to the Website and/or the Facebook page prior to the Prize Draw. 
4.3. Assigned ticket numbers for a Competition may be subject to change at any time until the entry list has been published. 
4.4. The Promoter operates the Draw using Google’s random number generator. The number of correct Entries per competition will determine how many numbers will be entered into the generator. Every Draw will be live streamed on Facebook. 
4.5. Due to the nature of the Draw, there will be only one clear winner per Competition. Some competitions may have runner up prizes, details of this can be found on each individual Competition page on the Website. 
4.6. If a Competition closes early (see section 4.1), the Winner will be selected from all valid and eligible Entries received prior to the actual; Closing Date. 
4.7. The Promoter’s decision in relation to the outcome of a Draw is final and no correspondence will be entered into about Entries, the result of the Competition or the Draw following the determination of the Winner as described above. 
5.    Competition Winner 
5.1. The Promoter will check the validity of the Winner’s Entry by matching the details with an online account. If the Winner is an online account holder and has complied in full with the Competition Terms the Promoter will attempt to contact the Competition Winner within 48 hours of the Prize Draw using the contact number and email address provided at the time of Entry and (or as subsequently updated) and held securely in our database. It is the Entrant’s sole responsibility to check and update these details. If for any reason they are submitted incorrectly, the Promoter will not be held responsible. 
5.2. The Winner will be required to prove their identity by the Promoter by producing a valid UK Driving License or UK Passport. This identification must match the personal details of the registered online account held by the Promoter at the time. Any failure to identify the Winner will result in the Winner being disqualified and the Prize shall be forfeited in accordance with clause 5.3. 
5.3. The Winner will forfeit the Prize if in the reasonable opinion of the Promoter: (a) the Promoter is unable to contact a Winner within 7 days (this may be extended at the sole discretion of the Promoter) of the Draw; (b) the Winner fails to confirm acceptance of the Prize within 7 days of the Draw; or (c) the Winner cannot provide the required identification documents or (d) the Winner is disqualified for any breach of the Competition Terms. 
5.4. If any Prize is determined by the Promoter at its sole discretion in accordance with the Competition Terms to have been forfeited under clause 5.3 ownership of the Prize will remain with the Promoter and it may be used in a future Competition. 
5.5. The Prize may not be claimed by a Third Party on behalf of a Winner. 
5.6. The Winner will be required to provide (and agrees to cooperate with the Promoter to pose for) photographs and videos, which may be used in future marketing and public relations by the Promoter in connection with the Competition, and future Competitions, and in identifying them as a Winner of a Competition. 
5.7. By entering a Competition You agree that if you are the Winner of a Competition the Promoter may use your name, home town (not full home address), photographs and videos or other likeness of You for public relations and marketing purposes as required by the Promoter. 
6.    Competition Prizes 
6.1.     The Prizes are selected, and owned, by the Promoter from the date of the Competition going live on the website to the date that the Winner receives the prize. Details of each Prize can be found on the website and alternatives to the Prize will not be offered. 
6.2.     The Promoter accepts no responsibility for the Prize after it has been delivered and all right, title and interest in and to the Prize passes to the Winner on delivery. 
6.3.     The Promoter does not warrant that the Prize is fit for purpose or warrant any valuation of the Prize. 
6.4.     One attempted Delivery of the Prize to the Winner is free to an agreed United Kingdom mainland address but the Winner (or a representative nominated in writing and who has photo ID) must be available to sign for the Prize. The Promoter reserves the right to charge a delivery fee if the delivery address is changed or if the attempted delivery to the address provided fails. If a Winner requests delivery to an address outside the United Kingdom they must make all arrangements, including insurance costs, for the Prize to be collected from the Promoter. The Promoter may at its sole discretion refuse to operate such arrangements and offer a cash alternative to the Winner.
6.5.     All Entrant expenses are the sole responsibility of the Winner. 


7.    Limits of Liability


7.1.     The Promoter accepts no liability for omissions or errors in the description and details of the Prize anywhere on the Website. Save for death or personal injury as a result of an omission or error as mentioned, the Promoter (including their agents and employees) will not be liable for any loss, including economic loss, suffered by any person or property. It is Your responsibility as an Entrant or Winner to satisfy Yourself as to the accuracy of any such details of the Prize. 

7.2.     The Promoter will not be liable for any loss You suffer as a result of incomplete entries or failed communications with the Promoter. The Promoter will also not be responsible for any loss as a result of Your use of the Website. 

7.3.     If any of these terms and conditions are judged to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of any other provisions. 


8.    Electronic Communications


8.1.     The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any computer, telephone, cable, network, electronic or internet hardware or software malfunctions, failures, connections, availability, for the acts or omissions of any service provider, internet accessibility or availability or for traffic congestion or unauthorised human act, including any errors or mistakes. 

8.2.     The Promoter shall use its best endeavours to award the Prize for a Competition to the correct Entrant. If due to reasons of hardware, software or other computer related failure, or due to human error the Prize is awarded incorrectly, the Promoter reserves the right to reclaim the Prize and award it to the correct Entrant, at its sole discretion and without admission of liability. 

8.3.     If the Promoter close a Competition without selecting a Winner, The Promoter will give You credit to enable You to participate in a subsequent competition. 

8.4.     For the avoidance of doubt, only the ticket recorded in our systems, however displayed or calculated, shall be entered into the relevant Competition and the Promoter shall not be held liable for any Entries that occur as a result of malfunctioning software or other event. 


9.    Data Protection Notice 


9.1.    Any personal data that you supply to the Promoter or authorise the Promoter to obtain from a third party, for example, a credit card company, will be used by the Promoter to administer the Competition and provide Prizes where applicable. In order to process, record and use your personal data the Promoter may disclose it to (i) any credit card company whose name you give; (ii) any person to whom the Promoter proposes to transfer any rights and/or responsibilities under any agreement the Promoter may have with You; (iii) any person to whom the Promoter proposes to transfer its business or any part of it; (iv) comply with any legal or regulatory requirement of the Promoter in any country; and (v) prevent, detect or prosecute fraud and other crime. 

9.2.    In order to process, use, record and disclose your personal data the Promoter may need to transfer such information outside the United Kingdom, in which event the Promoter is responsible for ensuring that your personal data continues to be adequately protected during the course of such transfer. 


10.         Law and Jurisdiction 


10.1.  Competitions and these Competition Terms are governed by English Law and any matters relating to them will be resolved under English Law and the Courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction.